twas the day after christmas

This picture was taken with my brand new Christmas camera, which is very small and cute but which I don't know how to use quite yet. Perhaps inspired by the cheerless scenery, or the fact that Wolfen was wearing a bathrobe over her clothing in the car, or by Ruby Montana of fame, the cubs decided that we needed to start a country band called White Trash Patio. Just the thought of the song titles! the stage sets! the costumes! had our heads a spinnin' like we'd just drank a magnum of Colt .45. Or maybe got too close to the neighbor's meth lab.
Still not sure why the flag was at half mast in Connecticut, though.


Anonymous said...

Because Jerry kicked the bucket

Claudia said...

James Brown, maybe.

Claudia said...

The best title was "This Trailer Ain't Big Enough For the Both of Us"