in nola

Pulled across Lake Pontchartrain and into the trendy Bywater area of New Orleans last evening and awakened to blazing color. Everyone has their houses—and their persons—decorated up for Mardi Gras. The parades and parties have begun. I'll dip my toe in slowly. And now for a bit of a promenade in the nabe.



So that's CBA there in the right rear of a funeral scene in some movie. Yes, the distinguished looking mourner.
In other news, Buy your recycled Block Island bottle cap magnets here.
Here's my brother on keyboards in a jazz fest in Dubai.
And here's a Block Island kid doing extreme skiing
#followmonkey and I are on our way to New Orleans today.


view from here

This is the view from my chair in Jan's kitchen. It has been pouring buckets here, and all the daffodils are opening. If this is what spring will hold in Block Island, man the ark.


a bit of sun

When you're in your nineties, it comes down to eating and sleeping and shitting and the simple pleasures of sunshine and the movement of the leaves and, once in a while,  some company.


on rendalia motorway

Just a man and his view. Oh, and his dog, of course, being as this is Alabama. Actually three dogs: Lucy, Walter and Frazier, all foundlings. And then there's the cuckoo cardinal—back from last year—who dive bombs his own reflection in the windows thinking it's a rival. Until I got here, and then he sat pecking the rearview mirror of my rental car. I finally tied a plastic bag over the mirror so he couldn't see himself. That side of the car is covered with bird shit. . .


them old cotton fields

The farmers actually rotate crops here, from cotton to alfalfa to corn. Cotton sucks the goodness out of the land, so it's also fertilized heavily and, usually,  irrigated. Inches of rain came down last night, and there was unusual snow recently—my cousin got stuck in Birmingham overnight and his kid at school. But the daffodils are up and out now, so hopefully the chance of a freeze is over and spring planting isn't far away.


on a wing and

I know, it looks like I get the same seat on every plane. Well, I pretty much do—always ask for a window seat on the right (deaf ear towards the window) as far forward as possible in steerage. This is what I get. Leaving New York, again. After this trip I hope not to get on a plane for a while. Road trips!


early morning train

Dada, his partner and their son and his second ex wife head to the airport. The nuclear family will visit the first ex wife (and their son) in California; the second ex wife heads to Alabama.
If you need any clarification please ask.

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It looks different in  Block Island and New York.


b mine y'all

Pretty good for age three, don't you think? You can see the effort and concentration required in those "I"s—and those eyes with spectacles (mine).
And a Happy Valentine's Day to you and your valentines, too. Love always!
On a much less light note, check out this post of the past.


those are some large flakes

I think I'll go outside now. . .  Stateside we seem to be having our own winter Olympics—events such as trying to get on the last plane out before the storm, picking up milk before the snow starts sticking, watching the garbage piling up on the street, digging out your automobile. etc.
I myself am becoming proficient at skating on the sidewalks. How about you?



Monkey learns the Art of Mindfulness from The Artist Known as Chang.


multimedia roundup

Our own CBA is featured in People mag's Beatles' 50th anniversary coverage. Unbelievably, she still has the huge "We Love You" sign she hung from the balcony at Carnegie Hall when she was 14. Let's hope the press leads to sales! Other Beatles, Rolling Stones and Dave Clark Five memorabilia on her eBay site.
In other news, my brother Chris is working on the set of what may be a clunker (except for the Wild West set, of course!). You can judge for yourselves by watching this trailer for A Million Ways to Die in the West.
Also, you can watch the documentary The Fabulous Ice Age by own Keri Pickett on Netflix at this link. Give her a great review!
And in the final bit of braggadocio, The Artist Known As Chang has made the list of the most influential photographers in Asia.
Says Eeyore: "I'm so boring. All my friends are doing such amazing things. And it's never my birthday."


what's in the truck?

Um. Road trip to Alabama next week so NOT on!


going to the ballet

So JR is this artist who has done photo murals on the roofs of an African village, in the favelas of Rio and all kinds of places viewable here. There is one you can see at the New York City ballet until Sunday (above). Pretty fun to see people interacting with the piece pasted to the floor. Not enough when I was there, but perhaps over the weekend there will be more adventuresome types. All the models and photogs were outside in the plaza at Lincoln Center, shooting away for New York Fashion Week.


which should I choose?

 It has been suggested that I owe it to the fans to write the story of my life. I have argued that the fans don't give a shit. In an effort to convince me that I owe it to myself, CBA sent me her epitaphs.
I remain unconvinced.



My flight was cancelled. Jamie and Peter's flight was cancelled. In fact, most people trying to fly into New York are out of luck today. I slipped through on the last flight departing Houston and made it home before the ice storm, though I did have to fly into Newark.Peter is still trying to get here from Miami, and Jamie gave up and went home.
Can someone tell why the Empire State Building is red and blue?


View from mama's room

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queen of the ice

OK, this is a terrible shot (sorry Miriam!) but the smiles could be seen a million miles away here in Mexico when Keri Pickett's film about her uncle, The Fabulous Ice Age, opened to a standing ovation at a sold-out Lincoln Center 's Walter Reade Theatre, introduced by Olympian Dick Button. It is streaming on Netflix, so you can check it out yourself. Here is what the New York Times had to say.
Miriam's report (better than the pic!): "Keri's film is fabulous! Keri was introduced before the film and was on the stage afterwards. She looked great and spoke about the film, her uncle, and other folks who helped, asked the members the audience (it was full up) who were in the film to stand up, introduced her Mom — all this and more, done like a pro. I'm very proud to know her and all of you will be too. Loved every moment of it, including a terrific reception at a cafe across the street."