plying the waters

They come and they go, in fair weather and foul, they bike and they play, they drink and they dance and on Sundays go away. The tides come in and wipe their prints until they come again. On Friday.
The Season is almost open. And then they will stay.


prom season

My nephew (fourth from left) is grad- uating from high school and heading off to a summer of travel and rock concerts before going to art school.
Here's a picture of his father at about the same age.


news of the city

In the middle of the night:
Tinkle, tinkle, tinkle.
Kathleen about had a heart attack, but it was only the kitchen utensils and spices falling off the wall. . .


New shower

Blogger seems to be all fkcockta, but here is a pic of the Improvement of the Year At Hannah 's.

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the difference a day makes

It's a different island today. For weeks it has been foggy and pouring and freezing. As of today, none of that ever happened and will never happen again. It will always be sunny on the porch and dogs on the beach and kayaking and all doors open.



Maybe this is heaven. . .
It certainly is for baby and her adoring court. Which at the moment includes four grandparents, two great grandparents and many cousins.

P.S. Our particular friends in Missouri are ok, although there are plenty who aren't.


two from mizzou

From the far to the near, Frank Martin contributes these spaceshots. And since we didn't have clear skies on full moon night, and since we don't have spring yet, they provide a welcome promise of beauty.
PS I don't see no man in dat moon, nor no rabbit either.



weather report

The sun tried to come out for a moment this morning, through the fog. Now I guess it's back for at least a week to torrential rains and playing with poisons and furniture rearrangement and moving things back and forth between houses and laundry and cooking large pots of good hot things on the stove.  I would build a fire, but the sofa is in the way. Maybe I'll find another pair of hands.


news from around the block

As you can see from the clip above and this restaurant review, the island kids are becoming quite the Rhode Island artists/entrepreneurs.
And also here is a great writeup about the mission and art of island-bred Aymar Ccopacatty.
My news is basically the same as ever: rain and urethane and not much art. But at least the furniture's back indoors!


it's raining—lobsters

Or so it appeared in my driveway the other day. Now it's just plain raining.


i love the ferry

I do not love polyurethaning floors in the rain, which is what I'm doing. So here's a picture of the ferry instead.


remembrance of summers past

When I took the oldest one to the dump, the wheels fell off and I had to drag it to its deathbed by the metals container (prix fixe for mowers and bbq grills). There were grills at the dump, too—some nicer than those still in my back yard.


and for my next act

Last evening the first guests pulled into Claudia's Surf City. Now for Hannah's Hideaway. Cleaning. Urethaning. Painting. And like that.


blogger blahs

No desire to recapitulate yesterday's lengthy post. And Google seems to have vanished it into the Interworld.
Along with your comments.


and the winner is. . .

The game needs to be retitled What is All Over the Fucking Place. Because it is, pending the readying of Claudia's for rent. Then I'll turn to stowing at Hannah's. And urethaning.
2 twin mattresses
Keith Richards's autobiography
8 Venetian blinds of the wrong size
25 pounds of Zabar's coffee!
4 bales of paper towels
1 dried morel from Missouri
3 director's chairs from the street, no covers
1 blood pressure measuring device
enough laundry detergent and dishwasher soap to last til the next millenium; I shouldn't have bought any at all
1 roll duct tape—no such as too much!

DaDa was right on all counts but for the diaper pail, the rugs, and the broom—should have but got mop instead. Oh, and the Marmite. Wish I did have some. He must have some kind of home team advantage.

Bulkhead Billy had it all right, of course, but for the Horses CD—I already have the LP here. That gingham is going to make up nicely.

But I won't need it, J, because as you pointed out, I already have the designer number. Though actually it's Chanel, Coco, of course.

And Otra Rubia, your prowess at deciphering photographs is impressive. That was indeed a blue plastic kayak; invisible was the surfboard (til round spun the mind) purchased at the Lost Luggage Emporium in Chattanooga.

Thanks for another Great Game of
What's in the Truck?!
Play again! Play often!


wtf's in the truck?

Exactly a week after leaving the Ozarks, I arrived in Block Island—in my very own truck. When I wake up in the morning, I have to keep my eyes shut until I remember where I am.
  But this is perhaps the best "What's in the Truck" game ever. I think this is the maximum ever fit in the truck.
   How many pounds of Zabar's coffee?
   How many rolls of paper towels?
   And what else?
Chris Garrison may not play, as he loaded most of the items; I personally unloaded them all.
Play now! Play often! The winner gets. . .



First, Zabar's
Home Depot
Stop 'n' Shop
Block Island
When you live on an island, it's all about the shopping. . .


cultural whiplash

OK, which is flooded Missouri and which is gay night at the Gotham Comedy Club?


how does your

 I left Missouri as the first poppy bloomed and the last few iris. And as always before the first peOHny. Dang. Now home for another spring in New York, then to Block Island for another.


headed east

Crossing the mighty, mighty Mrs. Miller at Cairo, Il., the evacuated town, the truck had water all around. Fortunately, there was a surfboard  in the back in case I had to paddle away. (And what else was in the truck?)
Would have liked to see them blow up the levee. . .


flight from the goose

Departing the Ozarks this morning headed for the confluence of the Ohio and the Mississippi at a place you may have heard of: Cairo. Today they blow up the levee.
It's not just a drive, it's an adventure. . .