and the winner is. . .

The game needs to be retitled What is All Over the Fucking Place. Because it is, pending the readying of Claudia's for rent. Then I'll turn to stowing at Hannah's. And urethaning.
2 twin mattresses
Keith Richards's autobiography
8 Venetian blinds of the wrong size
25 pounds of Zabar's coffee!
4 bales of paper towels
1 dried morel from Missouri
3 director's chairs from the street, no covers
1 blood pressure measuring device
enough laundry detergent and dishwasher soap to last til the next millenium; I shouldn't have bought any at all
1 roll duct tape—no such as too much!

DaDa was right on all counts but for the diaper pail, the rugs, and the broom—should have but got mop instead. Oh, and the Marmite. Wish I did have some. He must have some kind of home team advantage.

Bulkhead Billy had it all right, of course, but for the Horses CD—I already have the LP here. That gingham is going to make up nicely.

But I won't need it, J, because as you pointed out, I already have the designer number. Though actually it's Chanel, Coco, of course.

And Otra Rubia, your prowess at deciphering photographs is impressive. That was indeed a blue plastic kayak; invisible was the surfboard (til round spun the mind) purchased at the Lost Luggage Emporium in Chattanooga.

Thanks for another Great Game of
What's in the Truck?!
Play again! Play often!


Phill said...

Much of this list is hard to believe, but I will take it on faith. There is one item that I'm sure is made up: Keith Richards' autobiography? He can write? He looks like he's lucky if he can tie his own shoes on a good day.

William (Bulkhead Billy) Budd said...

1) The winner gets...

2) "Bulkhead Billy had it all right, of course..."

Looks t' me like I got an ellipsis comin'. How bowt we whack it up? Everybody gets a piece.

Everybody eats.

If you're short the book, jist make the juice and we'll talk. I'm down on the dock--all the time--off in the mist.

Claudia said...

Ah, the elusive ellipses. . .
Let's see, the complete works of Patrick O'Brien? A bottle of Caribbean white rum? A used copy of the Chicago Manual of Style? Name your own poison. . .

William said...

Squaring Up

sightly hanged over
not willing to read

but to my table slide over?
sign my own Chicago Manual

if you please

Claudia said...

Maybe you and Doro can do a day trip.