a bazillion years

George added a sauna and a pool with a stream running through it to his house outside Rio.
 It's a long way from the hills of Brazil to the shores of Block Island, but George made the trek. We hadn't seen one another in 40 some-odd years, but he still has the same manic smile. The last memory I have of him is when he attended the Vassar prom on LSD wearing a black tie and nothing else.
   Though actually I don't think I was present. He says somebody called the cops but the Vassar authorities told them to forget it and go back to the station.
   Weird how it can seem like no time has passed, yet there were decades of who did what when, marriages and children and moves and houses and ailments and health kicks to catch up on. Now he's a concert pianist who makes his living tuning Steinways in concert halls all over South America. So fun.
An apparition on Block Island
George brought swordfish, which we grilled. I know, not cool, but ohh, mama!

As always, when houseguests, weather not great.


down to the wire

Jose bondos rotted left cornice and John finishes installing new window.
 So this is going on. Santana painters are almost finished with Hannah's house. Amazing the hit wood and metal takes by the sea. Only 12 (?) years since we built the place. Cousin John is replacing the flashing, rotted diamond windows (with plastic trim—sorry bro and bro-in-law) and shingles in the front and back dormers. He is very proud of his work, as well he might be. He may be one of the few hero roofers and shinglers left who knows what this weather requires. Being as his family has lived here since 1661. Bravo!
John displays the window he rebuilt. My bro built the panes part in Santa Fe.

Almost there! John finishes front window installattion today.

Back window installation completed. Photo by John Littlefield.



Note that: s o
Yes, I have an o again! Indeed, I have a whole new top to my computer—keyboard, trackpad! Too bad I just threw cottage cheese all over it by accident. Still working though.
   But what I really went to Providence for was a bunch of culture. Two plays and a piano recital.
Milla as firefly.

Isaac was a letter of the alphabet. Said he was scared onstage.

After two months of piano lessons, Milla's first recital.

I think Isaac enjoyed the plant sale more than his stage debut.


rock around the block

So this is happening. I have not been blogging because the o on my computer is busted. Apple took it away, and hopefully will fix it by Sunday when I go back.
It is hard to think of writearounds for every word (palabra) with an o, and difficult to write fluently on my phone (phne). Hope to be back soon!


systems go

Septic functioning, check. Leaks fixed, check. One house cleaned, check. Fifteen hundred loads of wash done, check. Phone repaired. Check.
   And, thank goodness, the hula girls, surfers and palm trees are washed.
   Just in time for guest season. Today a surprise guest on the 11:00.


Dreary weather

Are these comorants? They look too big. But they are hanging out like them. 
   Leak (toilet) and septic problem repaired. No new problems as yet!



Birthday girl and son
 It was raining, and as soon as I turned on the electricity, the septic alarm started going off. But the gas was on, and the fireplace was going, and Pam and John and Noah helped me to unload the beds from the truck. (There will be a lot of discussion of beds coming up.)  I had sent the chairs over on the ferry the day before, which was fortunate, because they never would have fit.
  It was Pam's birthday, and so we went out with two of her kids and her husband and cousin. It was fun.
  And now it is the next day, and I finally got the chairs from the freight dock and unloaded the truck.
  Next? Phone. Septic. Assessment. Beds.
I am contemplating marrying muscle.
Dinner at the Mohegan Cafe