The President of the Garden Club does her thing on Block Island. Thank you very much! Now Noah's lilies can bloom and the hydrangeas are happy and we're in the clover.


waiting by the stage door

He was as excited about his sister's appearance as Twinkle in the first-grade play as she was. He stood up in his seat the entire time she was onstage, and waited patiently outside the school cafeteria door for her to take off her costume, pick up her backpack and emerge. When she finally did, he presented her with the bouquet and gave her a big hug.


she rides

She can start, and she can stop. And she reminds me that I said I would buy her a bike once she could ride one. I guess it's time! Posing here with Mom and Nano, the motorcycle man.Oh, and Isaac's Robo.


go away

It's not all beach plum and shadbush here, just so you know. There are a lot of leaks and not just inside—the sky seems to have one too.


when she is good

I post this to remind myself that it is not always rainy and cold in Block Island, as it has been for two days and is meant to be for five more. Sometimes it's a litttle bit of heaven.


what is this thing?

I found it at the dump, and I love it, whatever it is. I don't think I can bear to part with it, so I guess it will be making the trip to the Goose with me.


green green grass of home

There is nothing like a newly mown lawn to make every thing look under control.
This is an illusion.
Nothing is under control. I took a giant load of trash from under the house to the dump today, including a garbage can full of kindling infected with acrobat ants. Well, at least that's one thing that won't be blowing around the yard tonight. It's already howling, but meant to reach 60 mph.
And so, dear  prospective houseguests: Bring work clothes. There will be yard cleanup, screens and windows to wash, painting to do (if it ever stops raining or winding) and then there are the doors, the porch swing and &.
Thanks for stopping by!


silver days

In the dump

In the former dump
It's been foggy a lot of the time, but that has not stopped islanders from being in a frenzy. The tourists are coming! Off with the old, in with the new. Truckloads of supplies coming over and truckloads of trash going off.
  Every spring, I have a new crop of broken glass underneath my house—our pond used to be a bottle dump for the town back in the day. And this spring I found a silver spoon, too.


promo pic

For reasons I can't really even explain to myself, I am compelled to post this picture of my brother Ben with one of his groups. Can you guess the era?



The seafood shack was open, and the customers were ready and waiting. The patient patrol bird did not get any of my (very expensive) lobster roll, but I convinced the  next table to give him some fries.
  And then I got in my truck full of papergoods and African drums and cleaning supplies and half of IKEA and Home Depot and came to Block Island to offload and wonder where the heck I am going to fit all this stuff. Because Open.


one big happy family

Before the Bar Mitzvah, Hannah and fam

Before the bar mitzvah, Douglas and fam

When the fire alarm went off at Temple Israel, mixed fam
Should anyone be curious about the interrelationships of these intrafamily pic, i will be happy to elucidate.


the varmitsfa

This is a kid who doesn't know that much about religion, but she seems to know phonetics.
And there will be quite a bit of family that she does know. Including me.


busting out

 Spring! I usually miss it everywhere I live, but I hit it in NYC this week. Tender greens and glorious blues, tulip reds and cherry pinks. I'm happy!