one more

Somebody had a special Thanksgiving outfit.



Much personal grooming also took place over the holiday weekend.
An unusual Thanksgiving tradition, but so New York.


the girls of hunter

After school, the friends' paths diverged. One had a baby, one opened a restaurant, one moved to Costa Rica.


what a difference a year makes

Thanksgivings past and present. From a bath in the kitchen sink to a stroll to the dinosaur museum.


crowded house

Eva makes the place cards, Erin makes the mousse, Mason does the Zabar's run, Hannah monitors her website and Eva plays baby.


guess who's coming to dinner

Maybe the appropriate question this year is guess who's NOT coming to dinner! At present we're sitting down 19—and Baby makes 20.



The nevvy and his friend admire the silly pet trix performed by pet dominatrix Donna Ferrato in her tribeca loft. We were gathered for the birthday of one of Philip Jones Griffiths' daughters hosted by the other. Much fun was had by all, including the cat Houdini (sister Puccini did not perform).
   Several of our readers sent in videos referring to purring. Here is a catvertising video and don't miss the Moscow Cat Circus.


breaking news

So you're sitting peacefully in your loft in a building hard by the tracks—a seed warehouse or some such built before the Civil War.
One minute it's your home; the next it's a train wreck.
This actually happened yesterday to our own CBA. That is not her loft shown—she lives on the other side of the building. The owners, fortunately, were out. And now they have to stay out pending all kinds of litigation.
A logging truck, see, was crossing the tracks without looking both ways. The driver's okay. The engineer is okay. Everybody's okay except for, like, the stove-in part of the building. And the truck.
Was this incident predicted in the stars?
Find out on Heaven Knows What.


boogaloo down broadway

This xerox of a photograph hangs on the window of the empty storefront where H&H bagels used to cook. The view is of Broadway looking uptown from just south of 79th Street. You can see the subway entrances on the left. The church is still there too, and the bagel store at the end of that block, though now my gym is built above it, and you can look out at the church turrets from the weight room.
   That woman in the dress is not going to the gym. And I am not going to buy bagels. Time is a conspiracy to pull the rug out from under you.


oh well

We know where I fall on this piechart. Maybe I should get into crafts? What would you suggest? Blogging was originally meant as a somewhat interactive form.


all about real estate

Snazzy, real estate agent par excellance, can sell you anything—the Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire State Building, or, here, the High Line. In her alter ego as Sarah Fearon, comedy queen and (surprise!) real estate agent, she is also  quite amusant. Check out her standup routine here. We know her from Block Island.

And speaking of Block Island, ABC news and Coastal Living magazine both recommend the place off season—what I've been trying to tell you!
Should I put in heat?


look out, turkey!

It was a bad day when I discovered the Sabatier with the tip broken off. Not to mention the ragged edge of my favorite Chinese knife. Naughty tenant kids.
    I was so bummed that when I brought the knives home from Block Island, I didn't look at them for a year.
    But as a certain holiday drew near, it was knife-sharpening time again. The knife grinder parks next to Zabar's (when not trolling the neighborhoods ringing his bell), and a line awaits his services.
    There are no fixed prices. I think it depends on how much he likes the knife. He charged the man in front of me $57 to sharpen one.
    Then he looked at one of my carving knives and said, "I sharpened this knife. A few years ago."
  "These other two you may not be able to do anything about," I said, unwrapping the sad remains.
   He was on his mettle (!).
"Forty-five dollars for the three."



In family promotional news, wearyourmusic got featured in a Consumer Reports magazine (above). And the company's founder (and child) posed in another catalogue—check out the onyx/shining sea trim pic. (K says she looks like she's about to move to one of those suburban neighborhoods she reviles).


disquiet on campus

You have to ask yourself how sports became so important to Americans that university endowments are based on football teams.


old school j school

This 1940 film was made by Encyclopedia Britannica as part of its series "Your Life Work." Love the part at the end about "the country editor."
In other journalistic news, Donna Ferrato makes the New York Times (again) for her sex and violence work.
And in other, more tangential journalistic news, here's a fun typesetting game about kerning.
Now to prepare to speak about the narrative form at Elaine's journalism class this afternoon. . .


meanwhile. . .

. . .back in Block Island, the outdoor furniture and the lawn mower have moved indoors for the winter and John Henry is coming to shut off the water. Wifi is off there (and finally on here in NYC). But the cycle is still in motion. Returning guests are already playing musical chairs for next summer, and new tenants are lining up for the remaining spaces. The seasons, they go round and round.


city so nice they named it twice

Back in media central, without Internet as a means of communication. Forced to fall back on printed materials, phone and in-person interactions. Ok, so I do have the smart phone and texting--but my options are so restricted. How did we live and do business before?

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city or country?

Let's say you were young and restless, and maybe you grew up a city mouse and maybe a country mouse, and you had two beautiful places. Which would you choose?


why it is a milltown

OK, so the town, like much of Rhode Island, is on the skids. But it has some great natural features and  unbelievable building stock. Take the old bank building (not visible), for instance. It had the grand entrance, maybe six floors, working elevator, great condition—just sitting there waiting for somebody to come up with a magical idea for—maybe—an ultra chic retirement commune or crack house. Yours for $250,000! Total! And then there are the mill buildings, in various states of rehab. Just add artists!


Off schedule

That would be me off schedule, not Camilla .

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what's on the boat?

The truck.
Or will be at 12:30.

What's in the truck?
Hint: Diapers. Jigsaw.

And all I have to say is it's a damn fine day to be leaving.