the web

Do we intrude on them or they on us? The creatures who live with us don't care that we are trying to erase evidence of their existence before the tenants arrive. I did not have the heart to destroy this web this morning. It was too beautiful.


early season

It was more crowded here on Memorial Day than ever. I am pretty much booked solid, and the joint is jumpin'. I am moving to an unknown location tomorrow.
There is a very cool project going on here on Saturday—a treasure hunt for glass floats. Check it out!


fuck war

Our Memorial Day cookout
That's what a friend of mine, a painter and Vietnam veteran, has to say. His report:
 "Went to the Memorial Day service. Too many old veterans—oh, I guess I'm one.  . . Going to buy plastic flowers for all the graves I am left with. Pleasant thought. . . Been reading Stienbeck's correspondence from Vietnam. Didn't know he was even alive at that time.  FUCK WAR."


still availability in the ozarks

For those summer vacationers among you, be it known that while we may be booked up in Block island and Manhattan, we still have plenty of room at the Goose for your summer retreat. And I mean retreat!

In other news
Milena Pastreich shot a movie that was shown at Cannes. Links here and here. J and the proud pater attended.
Sculptor Aymar Ccopacatty made a video of his father, sculptor Peruko Ccopacatty, realizing his dream of building a library for his native village on Lake Titicaca in Peru.
Debby celebrates her birthday today in Somerville, Ma., (no link yet!)
It looks like a couple seeking to trade their apartment in Montparnasse, Paris, first two weeks of August, for one in New York City may have found a taker, but if you're interested, let me know.
And finally, you will find me at the old stand until Thursday, at which point I am homeless again for the weekend.



They are here! From near and far they have washed ashore on the Isle of Manisses, aka (offseason) the Isle of Misfits. I have vacated so they can vacation.
    I would tell the story of my trip to the dump and the truck that was jumped at 7:30 this ayem, but it would take too long. Next up: Need to see a woman about a refrigerator.


the last redoubt

T minus 4 and counting. . . . . . . . . .


i won't call you either

Put me on your do not call list for today and tomorrow.


fast trip

Left the island yesterday en famille and in the fog to fetch a car,  paper towels, two umbrella stands and assorted housewares for certain unnamed parties who will be occupying a shack in an unknown location for part of the summer. Back today to make some more beds.


flat out til friday

Old Window

New Window
We know which one looks better. We also know which one works better.
Don't tell the building permit department.


summer fantasy

What if you had a tiny shack and could play house in a beautiful spot. Would you go for it?


the bib wars

I say she needs one. She says she doesn't. Sometimes I win.


rain rain

This is an actual photograph
So far the new driveway doesn't seem to be washed out. . .


men at work

 "Claudia," said the Real Estate Lady. "You have to write a letter of complaint to the Department of Trans- portation for the state and the Director of Public Works for the town. "They have to fix your driveway. Your problems are caused by the runoff from a state road, and the town has the contract for repairs for the state."
   I did not write a letter, but I did call the road crew. Yesterday. I told them that I had been paying for loads of road mix, but I now understood that it was their problem.
    Today they showed up early in the morning, bearing dump truck loads of gravel and dirt. They regraded the road shoulder and the driveway in a total redo. I was so happy. I called the Real Estate Lady. She said, "Well it won't last, because you need proper drainage. You write that letter. You're a writer. Tell them to send out an engineer."
Camilla inspects the new grade—so gentle a child can walk it!


spring beach

We're going back into the promo portion of our year, so you will have to pardon a few beauty shots of the beach in front of Claudia's Surf City and Hannah's Hideaway on Beautiful Block Island. Almost everything—restaurants, bars, stores—opened up last weekend, so I guess I'm not the only one who's doing off-season business this year. Yes folks, we will be ready to launch in just ten days. We better be, because the guests them, they be comin' in.


the first joke

So Mama was fishing around in a bag in a dark closet when her hand touched something furry that moved.
She screamed at the top of her lungs. She scared Baby.
But it was only the cat. Boy did Mama feel silly.
Baby has a stuffed cat (seen here). So for a day, Baby said, "Mama, cat"—and then shrieked at the top of her lungs.


update transamerica race

Pix of Mary and Paul as they prepared to set off for the start in Newark. And, yes, a peep under the hood for you car fans. Engine had been completely disassembled for two years then rebuilt in England two weeks before shipping car by container to the U.S. For updates on race, check this site.


the best shower in the world?

There has been a bit of competition going on out here on Block Island in the Best Shower in the World contest. As you may know, if you Google bestshowerintheworld, you get the shower at Claudia's Surf City. However, as of Chris's rebuild of Hannah's Hideaway's shower yesterday, you may want to change that tune—and I haven't even done the interior garden yet, which features beach stones, iris and ivy. Check out the privacy! The teak shelf! The redwood floor! The bench you can't see! The clothesline with colorful clothespins imported from China via Mexico! Yes, folks, This may be the ultimate in outdoor showers! You should feel the water power.


mormon story

I totally love the layout for the story I did for American History magazine a la Georgette Heyer about a Morman woman who was wed to Brigham Young in a polygamous marriage before she went rogue. I am expecting hate mail once the story comes out during the same month as the Republican convention. Ahem.

Sorry to be so late posting, but we were hustling to do the final install on windows at Claudia's and redo of shower at Hannah's before the rains came. Which they haven't yet.



yesterday and today

It was a mad mad world

Closeup : power couple

With their grandchildren and great grandchildren on his 100th


sailing in

The clan is gathering from far and wide, and given the weather they're only getting here one way: to wit, on the ferry that looks like it's sailing through my living room here at Claudia's Surf City.
 Speaking of which, we have had a cancellation for August 17-24. Any takers?


up on the roof

We carped diem and just in the very nick, as it began to rain and plans to pluvia maxima for quite some while. But the elves veni vidi vici and we are watertight. Benedictus.
And that's about it for my Latin. Amo amas amat.


is everyone a taurus?

It's Birthday Month in Gasnerland. We kicked off the season with Pammy's 50th (above) Next comes Walter's 100th and those of osomany others, like several of my best friends (you know who you are). I must have a thing for Tauri.


name that ride!

Ha ha, tricked you! We are now taking a little detour into ManLand. It is a land where chainsaws and muscle cars rule. In fact, it reminds me a lot of Missouri. This car is about to leave in a New York-Alaska rally. Can you tell me what it is? Or why it wouldn't start?