It's the last day of November. Will every man observing Mo-vember (to raise awareness of testicular and prostate cancer) shave off his moustache tonight? Must check for pale upper lips tomorrow.


speaking of art

 Here are two different, beautiful views of fall. The painting is by C. Sperry Andrews III, Barrett's father, of Weir Farm National Park fame. Some 80 of his landscapes will be on exhibit at the Wilton, Ct., library beginning Sunday, December 2, with a reception from 11:30 am to 1 pm, and will run through December 28.
  The photograph below is by Frank Martin, editor and publisher of the West Plains Daily Quill. To see more of his beautiful nature photographs your best bet is to friend him on the book.


art news

Here is a portrait of the artist Mason Dowling as a young man. Remember, you heard it here first. He has done a series of self portraits, which I would have posted had my computer not failed with his pictures on the desktop. (Now using the new one.)
   Chien-Chi Chang has put up the multimedia work he made in Tanzania for Médecins Sans Frontières. It is about drug users with AIDS quite painful to watch. I copy edited such copy as there is. You can see it on Magnum's site here.
   And Jessica Rath, of apple fame got tasty reviews in  Art in America and ARTFORUM for her latest shows in New York and Los Angeles.
    Let's hear it for art—particularly that of penniless practitioners who have little hope of making a living from their work these days. Something oughta be done. All those billionaires donating millions to political races when they could be supporting the arts. Something is askew.


snow day

Looks like the inside of a snow globe outside. Speaking of which, you can see what your own house looks like in a snow globe by going to this site. Yes, it's the perfect day to do the paperwork left hanging for the hols, the Thanksgiving tablecloth laundry, scrub that nasty baking dish with brillo, try to balance the year end checkbook and vacuum under the furniture.
Or maybe a nap. . .




great american eating ceremony

Guess who's coming to dinner? A hint: Twenty people or possibly twenty-two.


thanksgiving troops

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The road is half covered with boulders. Wish there were some dunes and native grasses.

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i time

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at the gym

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new york morning

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Back in the old homestead, Hannah's baby swings where Hannah usta swing.

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Location:Riverside Dr,New York,United States


home sweet home

A good place to be when the wind is blowing like stink on Block Island.

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Location:Riverside Dr,New York,United States


bleak island

That's sea foam crossing the road, Dada writes, not snow. It was gusting to 90 on the island yesterday, higher than in the hurricane, though the tides were not as high. Here in New York, the white stuff on the ground today is snow. I am feeling bad for people with no heat.

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A great country

Back in Missouri where the property taxes are exceeding low (see below) and they vote red for pres but turned away Akin for senator, they are not feeling that hopeful. In New York, however, all was exhilaration until I realized that my computer had given up after seeing me through election night. Just saying that posts are
likely to be piss poor for a while.

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just do it

the way it is

This aerial comes from the Rhode Island Department of Transportation —or not!
That's Claudia's Surf City on the left along with the rest of the compound on La Mer Gasner. And there's what used to be Corn Neck Rd. You can see I was in residence when the picture was made (I heard the helicopters) because the storm doors are opened. For more pix, you can look at RIDOT's flickr feed or at the state site.
The good news, my National Flood Insurance is up to date at Claudia's! The bad news, the house closer to the water (Hannah's), isn't eligible. . .
However, I'm now back on high ground on Riverside Drive. 


milla & friends

Goodbye to Milla and all of her characters. Hello New York and a whole different type of character.



Not far from a Catholic church in the town of Holliston, these placard bearers protest a proposition to allow assisted suicide in Massachusetts. As you drive down a nearby street, the right hand side is studded with Romney and Scott Brown signs, while the left sprouts Elizabeth Warren and Obama/Biden ones. (Of course, if you drive up the street, the Romney signs are on the left.) Signs of a deeply divided nation. Mistrust complacency: vote.


my chair

Camilla wants to say "baa baa black sheep" about this picture of Woonsocket in the morning. She then put her socks on her hands, took them off, pretended one was a chocolate ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles, and pretended the other one was money. Maybe she had heard me and Mama talking about our bank accounts and last quarter depletions thereof.


spooky thursday

I did have a few trick-or-treaters who also live behind the barricade. They stayed for dinner and then headed out to canvas the rest of the island. Islanders plan ahead for foul weather, so there was no lack of candy—or milk or anything else except Amazon deliveries, daily newspapers and the mail.


what's in the truck

Yes we have no bananas today. But we do have a barricaded road, car seat, stroller and wounded seagull in cardboard box. The handoff will be made when I get off the ferry in Point Judith.