The lawn (thanks to Dada) is cropped, the windows are shining, the railings (thanks to Erin) are painted, the smoke alarms (thanks to Chris) are quiet. And tomorrow the first people arrive at Hannah's.
Season begins.


noguchi knockoff

Sometimes I get real lucky in the basement of 98 Riverside, and this was one of those times. Actually, I had a little help from my friends who work in the building who know I have houses to furnish. They called and said, "There's something being thrown out you might like." I liked.
Of course it immediately put me in mind of one of my favorite websites fuckyournoguchicoffeetable
And in the spirit of that site, I add
fuck your Mexican area rug
fuck your little tray of beach stones
fuck your plastic chandelier hung with rope
fuck your Ikea leather couch
and etc.


family trait?

Camilla, 2013

Eva, @2004
Is this a hereditary strain of OCD or just something every child—and not necessarily cousins— with an orderly mind might do?


crescent beach, block island

The beach across from the driveway features struggling Rosa rugosa that was planted to keep the sand post Sandy. The marital lines of the plantings both delight and repel me.


sea air

This is what a three-year-old hot water heater that lives by the sea looks like. Plus Sandy. Still, you wouldn't think that such salt as comes down a stovepipe (with a hat on it!) could do this. It has, however, and we have had no hot water for days waiting for parts—and service. The Block Island factor operates particularly well during opening of the season. Which is this weekend.


itsy bitsy

photo by Dada
Crab spider? Dunno. All I know is I've never seen anything like it before. I saturated the color a little bit—it was actually paler than this.
And speaking of spiders. . .

Check this out on Chirbit


more gardening

Flushed with success (and sun) from the first day of gardening, we soldiered on to weed and mulch the pathetic rose and the pathetic hydrangea (not this one—this is the good one). Still to come: the iris and lilac bush. We really hope the President of the Garden Club is happy with us when she arrives this weekend.


down and dirty

The great niece of the President of the Garden Club began her apprenticeship in planting things that do not take yesterday including weeding 101, edging, transplanting, planting and mulching. Things began well with a lovely day for planting followed by today and now a whole freaking week of rain. The only things that like rain more than new plantings are houseguests, of which we have quite a crop.


evening shadows

At this simple Catholic church  right in town, I watched Ted Kennedy Jr. walk out with his bride 20 years ago. I wonder if they started the Block Island wedding industry, which now keeps many of us busy for the month of June. I have stopped accepting wedding parties at the houses—too many people and too many showers—but accept sedate older parties, like this year's mothers and fathers. At least I hope they'll be sedate—we'll know soon enough!



A roundup of recent news:
Hannah's bracelet giveaway continues.
Keri Pickett's doc about her uncle and the Ice Capades debuted to huzzahs.
Hannah redesigned Chris Garrison's website.
Erin Dowling redesigned her website. And yes she really is the President of the Garden Club, and the most quotable, and here's proof in a Boston Globe article.
And almost everyone who went boar hunting with me and Pepito Macuaole sent me this New York Times story


time travel

Vestiges of the old Claudia's Surf City remain at the new one. There's the sign that pointed the way to the surf shack —and to windy spots all over the world. And there's the child who sat next to her mother, now with a child of her own. The ocean is the same. The compound is likely happy that the Hawaiian music tape, which I boomboxed nonstop, is now history.


chris's view

Someone had to get up onto the roof to replace shingles blown off by Sandy, and it wasn't me. Great view of the compound (and the new building next door). A little windy for shingling, but rain will no longer be dripping into my bedroom. Thanks Chris! And a great pic.


fresh and salt

I have always liked beaches where a freshwater stream flows into the ocean. In Kauai north of  Lumahai beach there is such a stream, big enough to cool off in after swimming in the warm salty water.  This one is more of a freshet from a spring on Block Island. And it is too cold to swim in water whether fresh or salt.



Gotta haul—my season begins. Guest season, that is. But they have to be willing to work! Other arrivals today: Mayflies and carpenter bees. Must  be spring.


seeing pink—peanuts?

I thought it was supposed to be pink elephants, but maybe they'll arrive looking for the peanuts. Four trash bags full— and the dump isn't open until the weekend. The dollhouse in the box, however, has made several Barbies who live here very happy, and will make someone arriving tomorrow very happy as well.
And I got the last window in just as it started to pour. Rain, that is, not pink peanuts.


uh oh

Cat or catbird, robins on the porch of Hannah's have got the blues. Presumably they are now busy laying another brood. Sparrows don't seem to have taken up residence in Claudia's porch—yet. In general, the birds are very busy right now. And me too, fixing up my nest.


the new dune

This is the post-Sandy bulwark against the sea right across from the house. It looks pretty unnatural, but I reckon the rosa rugosa and tides will take care of that eventually. Yes, you people sitting in the sun on the mainland, it is cold and foggy here today.


Molten sea

Alas, no Internet as yet. Pardon my posts.

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What's not in the truck

Not sure how Chris got all this in, but now at the boat after many ladings and unloadings. Block Island here we come!

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in case you were wondering

For extra points, guess how old this girl is going to be. . .


haulin' and hackin'

An IKEA truckload

From flatpack. . .
 Having made a champion trip with a load from MO, the truck was called back into service to be packed to the gills with flatpack assembly projects, some for BI and some for the studio buildout in Woonsocket. If all goes well and I can fit everything in, the final WTF is ITT will be delivered to the island on Saturday, with nothing but assembly an beautification required for the truck contents. The roof and shower repair and... But there's always Team Garrison.
...to popup kitchen


a question

OK, one more Ozark picture.
 On a long trip, do you think it is better to start out on the back roads at the beginning of the day when you're fresh and then make your way to the superhighways? Or is it better to start out on the superhighways and put some miles under your wheels, winding up on up on the back roads when it's coming on dark?