sea air

This is what a three-year-old hot water heater that lives by the sea looks like. Plus Sandy. Still, you wouldn't think that such salt as comes down a stovepipe (with a hat on it!) could do this. It has, however, and we have had no hot water for days waiting for parts—and service. The Block Island factor operates particularly well during opening of the season. Which is this weekend.


cba said...


You can go to my house.

Ballard will, no doubt, remember all the showers he took at YOUR house last year!

Plaine said...

A seaside dweller’s bane and strife
Though I often sprinkle my burger
Some have it worse, think of Lot’s wife
No beef, no thirst, no furthur

Anonymous said...

Perhaps they can mount the new one to the side of the chimney, and put a drain trap in the bend of the vent!

Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

I wish I had seen this in person! wow!

Claudia said...

We have decided to remove the heater for the winter and put it back up in the spring. It can live in the living room.