What's not in the truck

Not sure how Chris got all this in, but now at the boat after many ladings and unloadings. Block Island here we come!

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Plain ol' Bo WITT Spring 2013 Runner Up (Conferee); 2012 Winner said...

WTF’s Not in the Truck

No sinners
Only saints
High-Po motor
You know it ain’t

No doubts
Nor pouts
And no clean work gloves
Inside or out

It’s the notes you don’t play
Whut makes the song
If it don’t cross the bay
She’ll still git along

cba said...

I see a lot of what I need in there.

Take that Bounty directly to my house. Do not pass go. I'll be your friend forever.

How's that for a tempting bribe?

Dianne said...

That Chris is a man of many talents!

Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

and yet MORE windows???