casting nasturtiums

So what do you think? Living color? Or black and white? Frankly, Kate Knapp's painting looks good both ways, though her genius for color is one of the things that keeps us coming back for more. Check out her blog for recent work from Sicily, St. Croix and, of course, the Berkshires, and her website for more. The colors are especially nice in this interminable whiplash gray weather.
  And speaking of art, my brother-in-law sent me a link to this painting, an homage to his house next door to me in the Block Island compound. We're all trying to monetize our art, and—damn—it ain't easy.


spring forward

Spring cleaning turned up a prized edition of the "House of Mystery," with a villain called Douglas Dowling, a name that also appears in assorted novels—yes, we know the authors.
Roundup city:
Spring is here and Rhode Island is locavore central!
Get your two minute spring cleaning of the mind!
Get ready for spring's outdoor topless pulp fiction read-ins!
And don't forget this spring's two eclipses, the first lunar eclipse tomorrow!


for the record

Certain people claim that I don't visit the outer boroughs, specifically Brooklyn. And the Bronx. And Queens. I'm sorry, people, but I am Manhattan-centric and can't help thinking of them as "outer" and of a trip there as being as far away as one to Sheboygan, Michigan. But in order to keep people quiet, I do pay the occasional visit. And it is exotic. For instance in Brooklyn we went from croque monsieurs at a French sidewalk cafe to mojitos at a Cuban place (above) to oysters and fancy brews at a hipster place to guacamole and margueritas at a Tex-Mex place. Traveling widely without leaving a small area on and around Smith Street.
   So now perhaps certain people won't bug me about it for another six months or so.



We used to go across the street to the muffin store in Woonsocket—practically the only viable emporium in that blighted town. But the muffin store closed, and our family moved to the higher end East end of Providence, and we had to find a new venue within walking distance. We decided on the Duck and Bunny, a Snuggery. This is a seriously high end cupcake shop with sea salt caramel frostings and actress Emma Watson (of Harry Potter fame) sipping the occasional cuppa. (Well, "snuggery" says it all, really. Probably should be "sugary.") Sadly, Miss Cupcake, overwhelmed by the choices patiently explained by the dude with tatoos, refused to speak or discuss which cupcake she wanted. So we took half a dozen assorted. Fortunately the playground was en route home.


tis the season. . .

. . .to be moving. I don't acquire that much new furniture. I just stir it all around. The love seat came from Hannah's to New York. Now I have to make room for it by moving a bunch of stuff from New York to Block Island and Missouri. . .
    And around and around we go.


up on the roof

Oh, yeah. That's what I'm talking about!


nice nieces

I decided not to post up the pix of the basement after the party (which I did not attend, hiding out on the main floor to party with a book). Only two ex-boyfriends were in attendance, but the male-female ratio was still highly favorable to the females. Air hockey and silly-string fights were the entertainment. Madison gave it a 9. The upstairs party for the younger set featured horror movies. All three floors featured junk food. And tomorrow the party is over. The cats come home, and the bad auntie heads back to New York.


all-american style

Take that, Mark Bittman! Eva and I went shopping for junk food for Madison's party. And we got two cartloads! Potato chips! Prepared salsa! Sugar cereal! Hershey's kisses! Reese's peanut butter cups! More chips! Cookies! Donuts! Ice cream sandwiches! Soda pop in half gallon jugs! And tonight—it's party time! So chow down, chow hounds, you spring cleansers and Tuesday fasters, on your tofu fingers and spelt.  This weekend we're all having a good time, junkfood style!


loco parentis

The thing is, as an auntie, you don't have to steer them on the straight and narrow. Indulgence is not only tolerated but encouraged—for a long weekend anyway. And this afternoon, we shop. Before karate. And after tennis.


in loco parentis

Well, the President of the Garden Club is leaving me in charge of her teenagers. It's been a while. Do you suppose they will take advantage? I have been given the rules and regs (no smoking, no drinking). Others are not sanguine that I will be able to adequately control the grounds. I'm better with teenagers than gardens, though.


apartment, hmph!

This is a screenshot of the Craig's List ad. I should have saved it before flagging it, as it came down practically as I watched. There are a few other ads for Block Island rentals still up that I suspect also were not placed there by their owners. If you answer any of them, I suggest you speak with the "landlord" and ask plenty of questions about the island and anything else you can think of before paying out any cash money.


starter kit

Hannah's wedding continues to spread the love as Harry moves into a new apartment with those IKEA plates and substandard cutlery. Note to college graduates: We have more!
    In other news, if you see pictures of my Block Island houses listed on Craig's List in Providence, beware. There is someone—not I!—advertising Hannah's as an apartment, using pix  and garbled copy from VRBO.  Be advised, there is no time left during season, and the only way to rent is to go through VRBO (links at right). I don't know what would happen to the poor people who showed up thinking they had the house.