ducks on a pond

wtf ducks?
The mallards have me in a puzzle
The pond has shrunk into a puddle
But now by the dozen they huddle
And paddle
Maybe finding food now is like shooting fish in a barrel


damn deer

Broad in daylight
A doe and a big bambi. Right there through my new window. In my yard. Munching on my shrubbery. Probably the hydrangeas, by the looks of them. They do say that there are now more deer on Block Island than people (winter people population 900). It's bow hunting season. Go get 'em.


now starring

Things get distinctly odd in Block island at this time of year. Everybody who was anybody turned out for the clinic fundraiser, a performance of "Gold E. Locks and the Three Deer." The prosecuting attorney representing the three deer, who were suing Gold E. Locks for eating their porridge,  was played our own Edie Blane, former town warden, real estate agent and officiant at Hannah and Chris's wedding. The judge was played by Richard Parsons, former CEO of Time Warner and therefore my one-time boss.
When worlds collide. Only in Block Island


season's end

The culling begins
Today is the official end of the summer. Stores and restaurants are closing. Cottagers are shuttering. Block Island becomes once again home to the 900 or so (fewer than the deer!) misfits and retirees who make this their official address. It's time to repair the casualties of the season—or throw them out. The dump will be filled with beach chairs and boogie boards, grills and bicycles, stoves and lawn mowers. I'm switching out rotten windows. No building permit. Don't tell.


the witches of new shoreham

They gathered to set fire to land and sky.
And I cannot tell a lie.
There was a fire extinguisher involved.


lo ladies

Twenty-two years ago, a group of seven women became one of the first trekking parties into the Himalayan Kingdom of Lo, a tiny Shangri-La nestled between Tibet and Nepal. They flocked from Minnesota, Texas, Pennsylvania , New Jersey and New York for a foodie weekend in Block Island. (Ask me about the menu.) I took them on an island tour of friends' closed up houses. Hi Katie!


name that make, er, breed

In the grocery store parking lot on Block Island. 


land ho

Point Judith, Galilee, from the Block Island Ferry

A quick trip off island to shop til I dropped—two grocery stores, Home Depot and a farm stand (which of these is not like the others?) Many, many vegetables richer, returned to the island in the pouring rain and quickly turned on the propane fireplace. Feel sorry for my tenants next door. Hope they have lit a fire.


polarized postcards

I took these pictures through my sunglasses. This was not the effect I was hoping for, but I like it anyway.
The contrast between the weekend and today is also plain, though the snaps don't capture the  temperature change. . .


one mo' time

One last sail. New Harbor, Block Island
One more beach day. Scotch Beach.
The elegiac quality of Indian summer has much to do with the combo of the golden quality of autumn light along with unseasonably warm temps. And this past weekend, everyone, including my beautiful sister,  was tempted into the hot gold sun and the clear and still warm waves. Another boat ride, another burger on the barbie, another windless day. The livin was easy.


fluffing and puffing

Hannah's, the master

Hannah's, the Green Room
The last guests of the season have checked into Hannah's. I went in with Ana for turnover and we turned mattresses and washed mattress pads and changed duvets and tried to replace things in their proper locations, if we could remember where that was.
   Some mysteries remain: Who took down the new hammock and put up the old one? Why is the picnic table now close to the briar patch? What happened to the rocks in the outdoor fireplace? What happened to the dishtowels? Why were the clam rakes in the locked closet?
  Still, the house remains, probably ready for a long winter's nap.


rained in

The wind picked up and howled last night, but there was little rain. What precip there was blew in through the front French doors and probably skipped the poor pond, which is a mere puddle of its former self. Like much of the country, Block Island has been suffering no rain for months. However the sea has stayed on its side of the road so far this year. It was a cooking kind of day, so I made beef stew.