island bound

On an island the weather seems like a bigger deal than elsewhere. The days when the ferries don't run mean no mail and milk, no dentist visits or hospitalizations. You're very much on your own.
   The tides were high and the swells were swelling, but I made it across the sound and to the mainland, the last car to get on the boat of the hoards lining up. I left my tenants with trepidation, but apparently they are rugged sorts—their adult children made it over for the weekend on the last boat. I arrived, providentially, in Providence.
   Tomorrow I plan to head south, with a stop at South County Hospital, where a Block Island friend (Edie, for those who know her) is stuck until her missing gall bladder and the weather cooperate to allow her to get back home to the cottage her grandfather built well more than a century ago. Speaking of rugged.


battening down

It's going to blow. That much is known. Whether the ferries will run  or not, whether hurricane Joaquin will come up the coast—these things we don't know. But I am going to make a bolt for the village. See if I can get on the boat standby this afternoon.


the girl stands by her work

Others have work as well.
Per Time magazine, Hannah's friend Rachel is publishing an illustrated epistolary novel on Instagram.
Also per Time, Chien-Chi's book Jet Lag, which I helped edit, is about out.
Hannah's high school friend Lin-Manuel Miranda just got a MacArthur grant for his work, including the musical Hamilton, which can be streamed here.
Our doctor friend Robert Bobrow has started publishing a column on HuffPost, and you can read his second entry, The Sunny Side of Depression. Please like him on Facebook so he can garner a following.
And, just for fun, here is an archive of Ozark folk songs from folk who toiled in obscurity pre Internet.


it begins

View of eclipse  from the porch of Claudia's Surf City.
and it ends.  A total eclipse. And we begin again.


let the fall festivities begin!

Now arriving from NOLA
This time, it's my season. One more rental week in one more house and then—fun and frolics! Hannah et al arrive today. And but for a dash to NYC next weekend, I plan to stay til Halloween.


two views

John's big house and kite store (taken from Hannah's) for sale $1.2 million

Kate Knapp's view of John's house (and Hannah's) from the beach.


blown away

Well, something's growing on the dunes in front of the house—not the rosa rugosa that was deplorably planted (according to the President (Emeritus) of the Garden Club. Dusty Miller (wormwood, call it what you will) is thriving as are a few clumps of beach grass. I hope they cling to life, as hurricane season is upon us.
BTW, Internet issues at my dwelling (as always).


summer's end

One last beach day, and now the wind has begun to howl. Better than a hurricane—it's sunny—but unless you want sandburn, the beach better wait. I have moved into Claudia's Surf City after a weekend at Hannah's Hideaway. Will be here for the rest of the season. There's one more week rented at Hannah's, but it's all houseguests all the time from here on out.
  Also, does anyone want a washer/dryer or refrigerator? They have minor issues.


post prexy

 You will be charmed to know that I had the treat of visiting with the ex President of the Garden Club and her delightful and talented seedlings. And the ex-prexy's gardens were looking fabu too, though she claims a long dry summer.


child's play

Child's play: The Wend in the Willows
Adult's play: Hold the Phone


piece of cake

The theme, as you cannot tell from this picture, was unicorns. The weather was uncooperative but still permitted of  cake and a pinata in the back yard. They came, they played, they ate and they sang. Camilla requested the piece of cake with the 5 on it. Happy birthday!


first day

And off to preschool, nervously speaking with a Larchmont lockjaw accent.