The pimping out of the goose is about done. I balked at mopping.
   This is how the guest nook fits into the master nook. It may look big in the picture, but the building is 16 by 22 feet, as is this room and the one downstairs, so don't be misled.
    I think Hillary should have me decorate the White House.


your room is ready

Well, ok, it' not a room, it's a nook in my bedroom. So now one-quarter of the Goose is prepped for what promises to be several visitors. some of whom will be living in their Airstream. And now for the other three-quarters and the exterior. If it quits raining.


a hole in the sky

On a dirt road with no traffic.
Sometimes the sky is so beautiful I can hardly stand it. And mostly I can't stop to take its picture. Have I mentioned that there are no shoulders on most of the paved roads here? In fact, quite otherwise: a dropoff. A wheel off the road and you're rolling over in a ditch. So not easy to take pix while driving.
A required stop. Note bird shit on window.


keeping warm

 It was pushing a hundred degrees, so naturally I finished the sweater I started working on in winter. I was afraid Camilla would have outgrown it—after all, she heads for kindergarten in the fall, but apparently I made it just big enough. They are her favorite colors, BTW, not mine—though it does rather match the color of the floor. And my toenail polish, come to think of it.



In yard news, the hummingbirds are back. I only had a couple, but their numbers have been increasing daily, and yesterday there were about a dozen. 
Also, remember that weird squash? I planted some seeds and a couple are already up. Summer won't last long enough for them to come to fruition, but fun anyway. 

In other news—but I won't bother you about the convention. You know all that.

However, this is a very interesting article about the inherent problem of documentary work. It goes for still photography and writing as well as for film. Keep reading til you hit the point where the (Bronx born, Puerto Rican) filmmaker says, "have you ever seen a documentary about rich white people made by poor black people?"
Here is an article about a white person doing documentary work on her own kind: Donna Ferrato.
And finally, an article that I find very troubling because I know too many women in this situation, women who because of divorce, job loss, bad planning or other factors find themselves without enough money to live. And, yes, they are mostly women. I don't know what to do about it, but I don't think eliminating government safety nets will trickle down to help them. Maybe they should move to the Ozarks.


today's specials

This sign would be fairly unremarkable in the Ozarks, but for the fact that it's at a grocery store.


say "road trip!"

Aaand. . . Guess what the price of gas is here now!



Putting on an eight-hour lunch is no small feat, but David and Alison managed it. It was mostly a vegetarian delight, with grilled eggplant, fresh tomatoes and watermelon, humuus, corn with mint, yogurt cakes baked in swiss chard wraps and she-crab chowder. The wine pairings were doubtless supurb, but how would I know? No, I am not posting pix of the food. You gotta draw the line somewhere.



OK, who can think of a better caption than I can?


swimming holes

OK, so I got a few more of those gourds at the farmer's market yesterday. But then, unexpectedly, we went on a tour of some of the beauty spots/swimming holes nearby. Sadly, I did not have my bathing suit (not that that would have stopped me ten years ago, but I am more considerate these days). Definitely some good spots! Fairly deserted, too. Next time: Outfits and floaties.



Headed for town. Maybe I'll find another one of those weird gourds.