silver days

In the dump

In the former dump
It's been foggy a lot of the time, but that has not stopped islanders from being in a frenzy. The tourists are coming! Off with the old, in with the new. Truckloads of supplies coming over and truckloads of trash going off.
  Every spring, I have a new crop of broken glass underneath my house—our pond used to be a bottle dump for the town back in the day. And this spring I found a silver spoon, too.


otra rubia said...

Beautiful. I love the green patina. Is there a name engraved on the handle?

Claudia said...

I can't read it. Pam at the Historical Society says this was the dumping ground for the National Hotel when it burned down in like 1905 and was rebuilt within the year. But can't figure out what the initials or words are.