Note that: s o
Yes, I have an o again! Indeed, I have a whole new top to my computer—keyboard, trackpad! Too bad I just threw cottage cheese all over it by accident. Still working though.
   But what I really went to Providence for was a bunch of culture. Two plays and a piano recital.
Milla as firefly.

Isaac was a letter of the alphabet. Said he was scared onstage.

After two months of piano lessons, Milla's first recital.

I think Isaac enjoyed the plant sale more than his stage debut.


Debby said...

Glad you once again have a working computer. It's great to get an update on the grandkids' activities; I love your wonderful photos.

Dianne said...

Busy, busy ~ as usual!

Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

Milla's hair is getting darker I think...

swampgassy said...

I still remember my first and last piano recital. I was terrified. Thankfully, the piano teacher moved away and I never had to do it again.