photo editing


Or this?


cba said...

No contest here.

Is the sea air pink?

Red sky in the morning, diners take warning?

I vote for the true blue.

D.E.D. said...

The Line's Eye

I'm Dead Eye Dick
ain;t got no truck with color
but I'll tell ya this
I do have a druther

I like charcoal sketches
rum-soaked wretches

no fruit near my beer
and I drink it right here

I like heavy V-8s
and I love first dates

I pound nails
build boats
drill shale
don't cast for votes

I'm Dead Eye Dick

Who are YOU ??

Tell me this.

CatieScarlett said...

I vote bluer one. How did you do the editing on that one?

Claudia said...

Some folks switch personas like I do aps in Hipstamatic.
That's how I do this photo magic.

I like pink better than blue.
I'm WYSIWYG too.

I yam what I yam, sailor man

Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

now this is truely where the artist's voice needs to be heard...we want to know how you see it...I like the fact that you see it pink...that helps me to see it pink too because now I get to see you.... which is what I really want to see, not some corny picture of a restaurant on Block Island...even though Dead Eyes is anything but corny....

D.E.D. said...

Many thanks for removing "corny" from my personality traits.

Please see above listing for clarification. I suppose I should add "sensitive" but that can be tuff to rhyme.

I AM tough though. Tough and sensitive. Mostly tough.