those are some large flakes

I think I'll go outside now. . .  Stateside we seem to be having our own winter Olympics—events such as trying to get on the last plane out before the storm, picking up milk before the snow starts sticking, watching the garbage piling up on the street, digging out your automobile. etc.
I myself am becoming proficient at skating on the sidewalks. How about you?


cba said...

I myself am getting very sick of the news media parlaying winter weather into headines. Let's leave tired old banners like "Killer Storm Threatens NE" behind, and move on to something more creative.

How about "Ex Scientologists Team with Nasa to Create Winter Wonderland and Bring the 2018 Olympics to Lake Placid!"

Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

I would like a good photo of that view which could perhaps be translated into oil painting???? snow flakes are great...