queen of the ice

OK, this is a terrible shot (sorry Miriam!) but the smiles could be seen a million miles away here in Mexico when Keri Pickett's film about her uncle, The Fabulous Ice Age, opened to a standing ovation at a sold-out Lincoln Center 's Walter Reade Theatre, introduced by Olympian Dick Button. It is streaming on Netflix, so you can check it out yourself. Here is what the New York Times had to say.
Miriam's report (better than the pic!): "Keri's film is fabulous! Keri was introduced before the film and was on the stage afterwards. She looked great and spoke about the film, her uncle, and other folks who helped, asked the members the audience (it was full up) who were in the film to stand up, introduced her Mom — all this and more, done like a pro. I'm very proud to know her and all of you will be too. Loved every moment of it, including a terrific reception at a cafe across the street."


Anonymous said...

You're right, Claudia, it is not a good picture. Taken with my iPhone just as they were trying to leave.

New York is under a blanket of wet snow and every branch of every tree is laden. it is gorgeous. But Mexico is surely warmer. Do have a good time!

Keri Pickett said...

Thanks Claudia, I missed you and all the other Lo Ladies who could not make the date. i can't imagine a more NY moment than a sold out show at Lincoln Center. My heart wants to break with the fullness of it all. I can't wait to hear your review of the film!!! oxox Keri