an afternoon in hell

The serenity is on the surface. Despite the sunshine and the sparkling windows, the staggering view and the gleaming table top, despite the Web at our fingertips and brains enough for four, despite the will and the tools and the ability to follow directions, we were wrestled to the floor by


Yes, I'm aware that this has happened to others before. But that was others. This time it was me. I wonder if I will have to drive back to New Jersey and buy La Otra Rubia another shelf to replace the one that I smashed or whether the glue will hold.
I will find out today when we open the book and begin to read Chapter 3 of

The History of Sleaze


paris hilton said...

All this whining. And at Christmastime, too. Why do you make yourselves so miserable? I mean, you could at least buy your furniture at Bloomingdales. They'll deliver it and set it up. It's so much easier.

And I mean, they don't have ANY crocodile wing chairs. So you won't feel less than.

They might even have a Corbusier knockoff. Like you could tell the difference.

paris hilton said...

Sorry. I didn't mean to be such a cat. I'm just jealous of Angelina, and her Vogue tell-all spread. And I'm taking it out on you.