hot mulled cider

Here is a seasonal recipe for hot mulled cider:

Cut down Christmas tree in the country
Bring it up in the elevator in the city
Invite over a bunch of old friends and lovers
Put a half gallon of cider into a pot
Add clementines and some peel
Add cloves, grate in nutmeg
Remember that you left the cinnamon sticks at the bar
Decorate tree
Yak with friends
Drink Beaujolais Nouveau


grateful owner of pax wardrobe system said...

Claudia, you are nice. Thanks for yesterday. How's about you and me get a mani/pedi? Your neighborhood. My treat.

p.s. said...

Ed, er... I mean, Anonymous, you can come, too.

p.p.s said...

And anyone else who wants a little pampering

Wolfen said...

we are planning on going this evening ....