chappy chappy


cba said...

This is really gross. And furthermore, is that a pickle, or a sex toy? It's sort of hard to "see" it.

You ARE bored!

Go to Louisiana, babe. Your fate awaits.

Claudia said...

This is a Jewish still life. Menorah, half-sour pickle and pastrami sandwich. I'm celebrating.

Claudia said...

PS Get your mind out of the gutter.

cba said...

Oooh! Aren't we testy this morning!!!

Don't worry. I'm over the sex thing. For good this time.

I swear. On Gone With the Wind. I don't care HOW cute they are.

I'm so over it. My mind is on my next Ebay purchase, instead.

Anonymous said...

Hi CD:

No pickles for me. I baked the following this weekend though and I'm exhausted.

Anise Biscotti
Ginger Snaps
Mexican Tea Cakes
Finsh Ribbon Cookies
Choclolate Crinkles
Greek Christmas Cookies and
Hermits (well, those aren't completely not done yet)

Been busy; hope all is well wich ya.