sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll

I have vowed not to take any more pictures until this year's are edited. However, since mostly all I'm doing is editing pictures, I have little to say and less to photograph. I have been trying to get you guys to pick up the ball , but in vain, I'd say, except for Mr. Li and La Otra Rubia. So I have overbilled this entry in the title hoping for a little fresh blood. I expect the next thing that will happen is links to porn sites. Unless even the Google crawler is bored out of its poor little artificial intelligence.


Anonymous said...

This picture looks like one of the paintings you used to do when you were younger. This is not to say that you are old.
Just wiser.
Maybe you should start painting again.
Less editing on the computer.

mrs. robinson said...

painting is a great idea! I say start doing nudes. Find someone you fancy, ask if you can paint him/her. To make him/her more comfortable, get naked yourself. Accidentally fall on top of him/her. Fade to black...