it's a miracle!

The Ghost of Christmas Present drops in on Riverside Drive on the third night of Hannukah.
Other miracles:
It is springtime in New York City, and the crabapples are blooming.
I was able to finish the crossword puzzle Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
The household vehicles were all repaired last week, and the amount of stuff that fit in the truck last night for portage north (Wolfen and the Cub move imminently) was its own wonderment. The fact that it had fit into the apartment at all in the first place was the real miracle. Not to mention that everyone in the household is still speaking.
And speaking of Wolfen, for the first time, at age almost 25, she became addicted to a handhheld video game. I don't think that's a miracle, but it is distinctly odd. I'm not sure she was able to put it down to go to bed last night.

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