the birthday girl

Well, I was kind of hoping for a picture of the actual event, but it hasn't materialized. This is a great picture of J, though, who turned a nice round number a couple days ago, and no, that's not her daughter but her granddaughter, who photographer Donna Ferrato characterizes as "the Empress-To-Be."


j said...

This picture is so great! Makes it worth turning, uhhh, I forget.

Other good things about my birthday: the party of my dreams at Ace and Cary's beautiful new house in Sausalito; phone calls from Claudia, and from Dada; really good presents that are going to make all you girls weep with envy; and lots of family coming to town specially for the event.

I am a happy woman.

Claudia said...

What presents????

green eyed angelina said...

Oh, My, God. I am getting to a meeting right away.