holla back

A blog can be a masturbatory form, a report from Boredomland, dateline My Life, of what "I" am thinking/doing.
Or, it can be more of a community of loosely connected people who can't be in the same room having a conversation.
Yes, here it comes: Aside from CBA weighing in from down south in Beautyland and Otra Rubia from the Bronx (who, BTW has two nice new Ikea cabinets up against the wall today), and, oh, we must not forget Ace who gave us that splendid Christmas letter the other day, nobody has anything to say. It doesn't have to be witty or wild. Naughty might be nice. Really just "How y'all doin'" is enough, just to let us know you're out there.
This is the semiannual plea. Won't do it again for another six months or so. I promise. Although come to think of it, I'm not sure that I will keep this act going for another six months if you guys don't want it. Maybe it's time for the end. Maybe it's time for a vote.

Angelina sends in this about her latest exploits.

Harry sends in a link to his latest movie short

And don't forget Wolfen's guitar string bracelets featured in People last week.


otra rubia said...

Yes, the afternoon of hell was followed by a day of physical poetry. Claudiesen and I moved like Astaire and Rogers and now I have two unfitted, nondoored, woodglue-soaked cabinets just waiting for the finishing touches. When is our next pas de deux?

Anonymous said...

Just to tell you that I gaze upon your blog, not on a daily basis, but I do read them all. So don't quit. You have a wide circle of readers.

The Coral Sands Experience: said...

My C...You and your saucy ways have served as inspiration to all who read your daily grind. You have lead my sorry ass into an effort to understand this techno savy land. You must go forward and lead your sheep. BAAAAAAA. xo

neruda said...

honey now you know I try to holla at you when ever I can find the time to be hollaring...you are a good journalist and so I like to read your journal and if you were no good I'd tell you( are you not grateful for my humble opinion?)
....you got to keep writing and I got to keep painting..it's just the way it is... keep moving forward and when you got something more important to do than letting us know what's going on in your world then do that ...until then I'm down with this blog..I apologise for my inconsistent participation but my life on the farm here takes me outside alot and well I'm just not always paying attention,my loss...

Rebecca said...

Claudia, would you be willing to share your photo of Ruby's white trash patio so I can put it on her blog for Xmas? I will, of course, give you the photo credit.

Thanks, Ruby's pal and blogmaster,