the good news

The good news is: today is NOT the shortest day of the year. That was yesterday. The solstice occurred at about 7:20-something p.m. As a devotee of The Golden Bough, I know a lot about winter solstice celebrations and how fires bring back the sun (son, in Christian tradition), but the other good news is I'm not going to tell you about any of that now. I'm going to Brooklyn to get the truck fixed. Again. Right after the cub goes up to the Bronx to get his car fixed. Again.

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angelina don't marry him said...

C'est tres Jolie, ta maison en hiver.

Vous avez lisez dans La Nouveau York Post que mon film nouveau etait ennuyeux?? Et moi, mistcaste!

Brad est aller fix le journalist. Et Brad va porter son pagne.

En Garde, Monsieur Lumenick!