this or this?

I like the plastic/ stainless thing. I like the wheels, also. The Cub doesn't like plastic, though. He's into full metal jacket.
What do you think?

I have until spring to decide.


paris hilton said...

I'm so like, what is this?

A refridgerator, or a file cabinet?

I don't know much about either, anyway, so don't ask me. I mean, for God's sake! I have a chef and five secretaries.

And, Like I Care???

cba said...

Sometimes I think the two worst things in the world are lawyers, and plastic.

Does this answer your question?

Go with the steel, Babe. William Kelly would approve.

mario buatta said...

I vote "this", but where's the chintz?

neruda said...

more info needed..like where is this dang thing supposed to go and what the hell is it supposed to do??? but really the metal thing looks sexier and the plastic looks cheaper