plan ahead

Wonder if the stalker from Spain will show up at the front door. . .


mr. li said...

This is confirm Li's worst fears. Lady has become werewulve, now official name, "Owner of a Werewulve Heart". Or whatever.
Is not famous song by No???
And now little Hannah is also of wolf persuasion, having parties with bearded banner-head and female conehead.

Also is Li's understanding through vineyard that this Lady Who Shops With Wolves has daughter named Dakota Wolf Cub.

Li is ask all friends of Lady to intervene on these remorseless females who seek to run in packs, and not marry fine Chinese merchants.

courtni li said...

Oh, My, Buddha, Uncle.

Is "Through the Grapevine", Motown monster hit by Martha and the Vandals.

Is Carly Simon who lives on said island.

And No is Yes. What could be more feng?