nutty as

How did fruitcake become a national joke? Johnny Carson once cracked that there was actually only one fruitcake in the U.S. that was simply passed from person to person. Whatever the reason, no one sends me fruitcakes any more. I think they're too embarrassed. A whole one is too much, but a slice or two isn't amiss at this season. So if someone gives you a fruitcake you don't want, toss it here.


cba said...

It would appear no one even wants to talk about them, babe.

Except, like maybe, you.

Joanie -n- Rebecca said...

A good fruit cake is a thing of wonder. The reason no one gives them any more is that no one BAKES them any more. That Sh*t that is sold in stores has bad repped the entire genre. But a good home made f-cake with a steaming cuppa joe to loosen and wash is delicious. I'm siding with Claudia on this.