shall we resolve?

. . . to once and for all get the place painted this summer
. . . to get fit enough to make it to 14,000 feet and down again
. . . to have all those eye tests and colonoscopies and dental exams
. . . to find paying work in a new career
. . . to learn languages
. . . to love
. . . to actually use Quick Books this year
. . . to be a better person
. . . to be badder than ever

Will you join me, or do you have your own revolutions?


j said...

Are you and Wolfen having yr. traditional NYD party?

Claudia said...

Yep. And then they're moving manana.

Pomegranate said...

Happy New Year! Happy Happy Birthday - wish we were there to celebrate with you. Home nursing head colds. We had a huge bon fire on the beach last night and the gannets are diving outside our window this a.m. Lots of love & hugs