dreams of my ancestors

I had a dream. I had a dream that I was not a total white person. I was sure of it. I had my Cherokee, African, Jewish heritage all figured out, I knew where it came from and how it got there and how boastful I would be.
And then I tested my DNA, and my bubble burst.
Donald Drumpf would probably marry me if I was 45 years younger. 
The wackiest it gets is a hint of Indian/South Asian, a hint of the Caucasas/Middle East (you dawg, Ghengis Kahn!) and Finland—Finland?
But I read this elementary explanation of inheritance at ancestry.com and realized (duh) that since you inherit only 50 percent of your DNA from each parent, your siblings don't necessarily inherit the same exact 50 percents. So I have dreams for them, if I myself am doomed.
Note to siblings: I can get you a DNA spit test for only $79!


C "Swami" BA said...

I think I will go into business doing past life DNA. Think of the possibilities! If you are a truly " Old Soul", with more than 100 lifetimes, I will give you a discount of 10% on each lifetime over 25, provided you commit to pay for all 100.

otra rubia said...

Ha! I'm awaiting my results from ancestry.com. I'm sure I have African-American blood (leaving aside that we're all African ultimately), but as Jim said to me" " Don't get your hopes up, honky."