the bug report

Armadillo was not armored against death.

Bevy of ladybugs halos every light.
It's always an adventure opening up the Goose for the season. One year it was a dead squirrel; last year it was a blue-tailed skink; this year it's a dead armadillo. But at least the armadillo did not lose its life behind my bed like the squirrel. (Where are those damn turkey buzzards when you need them?) Sometimes it's a plague of flies or wasps. This time, it's a pestilence (or bevvy?) of ladybugs.
   But thank heavens Virginia cleaned up this spring so it's only the shower of recently hatched ladybugs. No brown recluse spiders, no mold, no fuss nor muss. Windows polished. All I have to do is get out the vacuum and suck those little spotted damsels down.
  And the forsythia and spirea and flowering quince are all abloom. Beauty next post.


Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

safe and sound ...thank goodness...and only lady bugs...and poor little armadillo wow what an amazing creature...do you see them walking around alive ever?

Claudia said...

You only see armadillos at night. Reportedly, they jump straight up in oncoming headlights, accounting for their roadkill count.

CBA for Nez Bite K said...

Where was he? In the house???

Claudia said...

No, just lying in the yard.

Claudia said...

Word. Apparently there was a tiny vole or mole in the house this year.