going into battle, er, ballet

 It used to be Hannah in the pink tights and the tight hair, facing the mean girls and sometimes the mean teachers in Discipline Class, or, as it was also known, ballet. And now Hannah is helping her daughter suit up for dance, and it's Camilla hanging out at the barre. Camilla really wanted to do it—as did Hannah—so what can you say but okay and pray she never goes on toe.
Oh, and Hannah's take on work-life balance.


Debby said...

Beautiful pictures of Camilla.

I remember clearly when Hannah was starting ballet class. How the years have flown by.

Claudia said...

I remember when you and I took ballet, Deb!

Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

I want to see her in action! she must be beautiful to watch...any videos anyone?

Claudia said...

No one is allowed to observe the class until "Observation Day" in a month or so. We have seen some moves at home, of course.