The famous kitchen table has a new companion, a large leather wing chair that dwarfs everything else in the room. I bought it for Ed (and his dog Prince) who will henceforth be known as King Ed. Hopefully he will buy a newspaper so he can lean back and snore gently with the paper over his face, rather than heading for the couch like he usually does. He has not seen it as yet, which caused us to have our first fight a few days ago. (The fight also involved, as usual, my never going to Brooklyn.)
  If it seems a bit acharacteristic of a person who does not own a single piece of new furniture (other than beds) to buy an expensive, brand new chair, you are right. As it happens, there is a very simple explanation: I am broke. I always seem to start spending money when I don't have any. I can't explain it. Maybe you can.


Dianne said...

King Ed should feel flattered to be the recipient of such a fine chair!!!

CBA for Nez Bite K said...

Better not muse too openly about spending money foolishly. Nose Bite may suggest you sue yourself for reckless endangerment.

He is deeply disturbed that "On the one paw you welcome a dog into your home and buy an expensive chair for him, and with the other paw, place a ban on felines."

He says:

"Je rêve qu'un jour, Mme Dowling se lèvera de son nouveau fauteuil en cuir et vivre la vraie signification de la croyance: «Nous tenons une vérité de soi: que tous les animaux sont créés égaux. "

La translation:

I have a dream that one day Madame Dowling will rise up from her new leather chair and live out the true meaning of the creed: 'We hold a truth to be self-evident: that all pets are created equal. "

Claudia said...

Actually, mon vieux, I do not precisely welcome any animeaux chez moi. I though this was your pet peeve about me.

Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

nice chair....from whence did it come? brand new? OMG