i once was lost

Lost in the Ozarks again
I wanted to see a man about some wood. Actually I was hoping to see his sister, who has a beard, according to rumor. But no one was home, so I meandered around on dirt roads, up hill and down dale, looking for a 4,000-acre organic ranch. Didn't find. Got completely lost. Went in circles. Saw many streams. Finally came out on a road I recognized. In my wanders, I did see this wonderful ruin of a farmhouse.
In other news
Milena Pastraich, daughter of my friend Peter, got an Emmy nomination for shooting The Amazing Song, a Sesame Street song about kids with autism. Check it out.
Sort of on the opposite end of the, ahem, spectrum, for those of you following or thinking of joining Donna Ferrato's Erotic Eye workshop series, the next one is in Berlin. Info here.
Can't wait for the wind farm on Block Island, though still not sure how it will affect my astronomical bills. They have already dug up Crescent Beach to lay cable. The beach is purported to be one of the best beaches in America. You can vote here.
And, back to kids,  toddlers kill more people than terrorists. The facts.


CBA said...

You found The Abandoned Farmhouse of My Dreams without me??

Anonymous said...

How much?

Claudia said...

Such a beautiful place. Abandoned, but with pasture being used all around it. The people have probably long since moved into a trailer.