lost in the ozarks again

There is a small matter of a leak at about a gallon every six hours or so. But, hey, I have water! And the floor is cement! And I can take a shower! And it's not snowing like it is in the east, though there was a bit of frost on the pumpkin this ayem. Or rather on the dead armadillo which increasingly resembles a pumpkin. The spriea and forsythia and daffodils are blooming, as is the beautiful magenta thorny bush that I think might be flowering quince.
   In T'ville news, the cafe across the street (visible through window) is still open but all the houses nearby are empty and ready for colonization. No Bear sightings. The other former gas station-cum-antique store in town is also now vacant.
   But the Goose is honkin!


otra rubia said...

Gorgeous flowers, beautifully placed. I'm very jelly!

Kate said...

so glad everything looks wonderful...