the people you fly over

Preacher and wife dining at the 11 Point Cafe, Thomasville, Mo.

The sexism rack at a gas station, Birch Tree, Mo.
I always get into it here, but this election season is particularly bad. I was verging on real ire  recently, with people I like. Summer is going to be really rough, what with the conventions and all. I don't want to call out people but feel guilty listening to racism and prejudice. Arguing doesn't change anyone's mind—especially with the Internet echo chambers. Just pisses them off. What is my moral obligation?


otra rubia said...

Say what you need to say with a bumper sticker or 10. Do you have any on your truck yet?

Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

please send 2 of the "Diesel fumes make horny"....one for me(Jesse loves to send out the fumes from his truck) and one for Amylynn( her son is a going to SUNY Cobleskill next year as a Diesel tech)...thanks...will pay

Claudia said...