round em up

Great NYC photograph by Debby Gobert
Adam Cohen was interviewed about his book Imbeciles on Fresh Air. There was also a review yesterday in the NYT.
The guy who founded the Block Island Times talks about the history of the paper and the new ownership.
A surgeon I spent time with doing a story on a girl who had a multivisceral transplant (she died) has just done the first uterine transplant in the US. Any guys signed up yet?
My brother Ben has done the music for a documentary about uranium poisoning, Hot Water, The trailer here.
Hannah has done a quiz for Calm-a-Mama called Which Drops Do You Need? Try it! According to Vogue, flower essences are very trendy—and fair game!
Donna Ferrato takes over Instagram this week with Visura for International Women's day or week.
Upcoming, for those not afraid of zika, Chien-Chi Chang does a workshop in Brazil.


Dianne said...

Heard the Fresh Air interview---very good.

Debby said...

Sadly, this first uterus transplant in the U.S has failed, and the organ was surgically removed on March 8th.