night of the eclipse

Penumbral lunar eclipse begins. Not sure what that is.
Let's round up a few things. For starters, there's Hannah's new herbal product, Balance drops. Might be needful around an ordinary full moon, never mind an eclipse. You can read about them here and you can buy them on Amazon here.
Chien-Chi Chang has won a grant from Magnum (he is a Magnum photographer) to continue his project about Burma. Time Magazine mentions the others who won.
Adam Cohen got a big play in the NYT Book Review for his book Imbeciles.
And speaking of the full moon and imbeciles, a search on Tindr revealed maybe three prospects within a 35-mile radius including this available dude below. For hilarious Tindr chats check this Instagram site. Me and Heath didn't get that far. . .
On offer in the Ozarks for the right girl!

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