all you single ladies

Girl, it's Leap Day. You can ask him to marry you today, and if he refuses (in some European countries), he has to buy you a dozen pairs of gloves to conceal the shame of not having a ring on it.  (Beyonce!)
And if you're pregnant and he refuses to put a ring on it—or he's a relative or he raped you or you're a child, and you don't want to see him ever again let alone ask him to marry you—get an abortion.
Unless you're in Texas in which case, you're doubly fucked. Because in Texas they have come up with so many restrictions on abortion clinics that half had to shut down. Some facts.
Is that a case for the Supreme Court? Yes. Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt will be argued this week, and the New York Times weighs in. Pro fetal-life and pro female-life groups will rally outside. You can wear purple and watch live streaming of the event. Don't miss John Oliver's impassioned argument at the bottom of the Whole Women's Health web page.
Donna Ferrato and I will be there doing what I can only call advocacy journalism—for ourselves and our daughters. Why do men get to decide what we do with our bodies? Fight the patriarchy!

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