family resemblance?

Cl-Ben, 2015, 2016
Chr-Erin, 2016, 2015

The models, 2016, 2010
I was breezing through Facebook when I saw a picture of my musician brother (who it so happens has a new website). Hmm, I thought.
Then my designer sister (who of course also has a website) had a new portrait made (by my photographer son-in-law, who also has a website). And I looked at a recent picture of my wood sculptor brother (who really needs a website). And I thought hmmm. . .
So then I went scurrying through the files for the progenitors.


Dianne said...

Some very DOMINANT genes, there!!!

CBA said...

Ben looks the most like your Dad.. Erin like your Mom.. Chris I'd say more like your mother.. and you.. hmm… hard to say. xxoo

The real question here is: Which Dowling is the Funniest?

Claudia said...

We are all funny! Especially together.

zeeno-b said...

Totally! (Californian for "indeed")

swampgassy said...

Yeah, you right. (Louisiana for indeed?) Nothing like the Dowlings in stereo surround sound.