matt attack! tonight!

Tonight (TUESDAY, 2/2) at 9pm, NBC, Ali's husband Matt plays a bad guy on Chicago Med.
In other news, Pal Denise Vaughn reports on a newly discovered cave—the 7000-somethingth—in Missouri in the St Louis Post-Dispatch.
And speaking of Missouri, another one of my friends is renting an Ozarks cabin not far from me—unless you want to stay with me!
Another in the "Conflict" TV series that Donna Ferrato was in is the fascinating (to me) story of a war correspondent who walked away. And speaking of Donna, she won yet another award, the NPAA's Humanitarian Award.
And speaking of videos, here is one Sam sent in about The Last Seltzermen.
And speaking of Sam, Happy Birthday!
And speaking of Birthday, Happy Birthday Flip!
And speaking of February 2, Happy Groundhog Day!
Did you want a groundhog birthday cake? Here ya go!
Cake neither fabricated nor photographed by me.

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