the confectioner

the confectioner
Chocolate excites certain people. I recently read a study saying that it caused a greater release of endorphins than sex. Personally, I have not found that to be true, but then chocolate is not my drug of choice. Some people like it enough, however, that they are even willing to to take up the culinary arts to produce chocolate bars sweetened with stevia that fit into their low-carb diets.


Dark Chocolate Lover! said...

She is so smart!

Kathleen said...

If anyone needs the recipe just let me know.

JF Jude said...

the princess and the recipe

you can make a whirl
on rock, dirt, or raft
just grace the world
and offer up the craft

(or draft)

neruda said...

please send recipe very interested in what's in the pan....or what's the occassion?

Claudia said...

Take unsweetened chocolate bar, the more expensive the better.
Melt in double boiler. Stir in stevia, which is not as bad as aspertane etc., to taste. Taste often. Pour into festive holiday molds or else muffin tins lined with something or other. Cool in freezer.
Eat. Sparingly.