kalling kafka

      I found a mysterious charge on my mortgage bill in the amount of $131.25. Yesterday, I learned the following from the mortgage company:
     At the end of March 2010,  FEMA declared Rhode Island a disaster area because of river flooding. FEMA sent someone out to Block Island to survey the damage. Since we have no rivers on Block Island this makes no sense to me, but whatever.
     While on Block Island, the FEMA inspector reported that one of my houses was vacant. (As it chances, I was on the mainland at the time—looking at the flooding!) Since my houses are summer rentals, it’s not really surprising that no one was there at that time of year. Probably three-quarters of the houses on the island were closed up.
     Somehow the FEMA report that my house was vacant got to the mortgage company.
     They hired an appraiser to investigate my house.
     The appraiser ascertained that the house was occupied and not, in fact, vacant.
     And then the mortgage company charged me $131.25 for the appraisal.
     Why? Don't  mortgage companies have enough public relations problems already?


cba said...


FEMA wanted to use your vacant property to inter the thousands who will die from forced Swine Flu inoculations.

I know. The coffins are stored here in Madison, Georgia.

I bet someone from FEMA learned about CSS by sneaking into my apartment and accessing my compudre.

God! Is nothing sacred?

Maybe you and I could start a class action suit against FEMA. Or the mortgage company.

Call me.

Claudia said...

You do know that FEMA stands for Fuck Every Man Again. . .

A. Jackson said...

On the Block

maybe they were cocked
but probly not sleazy
they stumbled on The Block
still lookin' for The Big Easy

neruda said...

this is really too weird...I say don't pay it and ask them if they don't have anything better to do than sneak around houses..what ever happened to using the phone for getting important info?

Claudia said...

PS I've had my flu shot. When should I expect the autism and death throes?