anna, alas

Here is Anna when she stopped at the Goose on a cross-country road trip last year. She had already been dealing with metastasizing growths for many years; I used to tell her that she was living proof that a good attitude didn't cure cancer. At the time she was having a respite, traveling with her daughter. She didn't stop long, because the road called.
   The road called again yesterday. I wish she could have stayed longer. Anna made everything fun—the world sparkled when she was around to shed the light. May she travel well.


Dianne said...

Sorry for your loss. Anna sounds like the friend everyone loves to be around.

JF Jude said...

Cast a cold eye
On life, on death.
Horseman, pass by!

W.B. Yeats

otra rubia said...

Fuck you cancer

D.R. said...

So sorry. Such a beautiful tribute, C

maggie said...

hey, i found you Claudia.
thanks so much for your simply perfect words. be seeing you.