back to the future

I am living in DSL hell. I have been very patient, but it has been over a week with no functioning Internet. I have been spending my life on the phone with India while piggybacking. The low-speed person carrying me is probably going to get sick of it. The phone went out this morning. Now I can't upload pictures. A tech has been here once, and another is supposed to come tomorrow. And to think, just a decade ago I could have cared less! Meanwhile, I also have to go to the DMV and have a tooth drawn. I'm not sure which is worse.


JF Jude said...

Calling (the) Delhi

I’m on this phone
ain’t ordering no hero
I’m a subscriber alone
‘binary code sans zero

I’m working thru his accent
heavy Punjab
his real name went absent
I know it ain’t “Bob”

Claudia said...

Oops, that's the dial tone. . .