the money chair

I have spent a lot of time in chairs like this one, and indeed in this very chair, which has a view of birds and squirrels in the back yard as well as the TV. Which is usually off.
   I have spent a lot of time with dentists, too, and this one, Dr. Sam, is my favorite. After one creative crown, I  told him that it seemed like his job required as much craft as medicine. He said, "That's why I like my job so much!"
   I was floored. A dentist who loves his work?


JF Jude said...

Building Bridges

The man in your mouth
Must go it alone
His craft all about
Caps and crowns unknown

cba said...

Il avait sauvez le dent?

If so, Hurray.

An aside to be sure, but yesterday I went to Atlanta to look at purses. This is my latest way to blow off steam. After TJ Maxing it for months now, I decided I just couldn't Do Poor anymore, so I went to Nieman's.

I noticed a nice-looking grey snake purse on the shelf, and thought "Not Bad!"

If only there was a gameshow called "Pick the Priciest", I'd win.

When I checked the tag on the inside of the bag, it was a Valentino, and it was $7,999.

Can I spot them, or what?


How much is that purse at Nieman Marcus?
The one that's tied down with a chain.
How much is that purse at Nieman Marcus?
I do think the price is insane.

J. Lafitte said...


For those who choose highest
Is why they make pirates

neruda said...

I was at the dentist Monday...and I noticed how much more painful just getting a cleaning (scraping)has gotten over the years ...is it age and sensitivity? anyway not my favorite place to be...my dentist's story is that the little hose with warm water that she used to rinse my teeth had come undone in the middle of the night and proceeded to flood the floor and subsequent bank below which killed all their computers and the ceiling caved in !!! unfortunately she could no longer offer me a warm water rinse...only cold... on my old teeth...no way ...

Piper Reilly said...

cold water flat

many a scene
from Carver to John Irving
street water, un-steamed
has proved unnerving

Dianne said...

Ohhhh, CBA, is the feathered purse from Koshkonong Wholesale no longer good enough for you??? And next you'll be looking for a new hat!