land of opportunities

Have you got a dream and a little cash? Tired of working for the man? Thinking about a creative change of direction?
    You must be an American, whether legal or undocumented. The old white boys trying to stay in power are past it: Americans are strivers.
    There are opportunities everywhere to design yourself a new kind of life. Maybe it will work, maybe it won't—that's called risk. Right now, on opposite ends of the East Coast, are two possibilities, a tabula rasa in Rhode Island and a curated collection in Georgia.
 And if you think I'm talking bullshit, here is a bullshit detector website that you can run my words through.
Go ahead. Dream large.

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JF Jude said...

King George III

We had thirteen stars
When things looked “iffy”
A better life became ours
And now we have fifty