another vote

You wanted beachy summery.  How about one of these snaps? Ok, I know the quality is not up to snuff, but does one of these have the spirit you all wanted? Vote now, vote often.
Me, I'll be sitting here all day watching your votes roll in and waiting for Verizon to not show up. Again.


cba said...

No! Boring.

I liked the second one from yesterday.

These could have been taken anywhere.

Anonymous said...

I am writing in Lisa Murkowski

CJH said...

I agree with cba....second one from yesterday is great.

Casey J. said...

Sand-Silver Streamline

the view of summer fun
a wonder to behold
though I like the one...
...of the mini-model railroad

otra rubia said...

No summery photographs the house by Chris? Maybe you should go with the second photo from the other day.

neruda said...

what I said yesterday...the house was good and interesting...these just ain't up to snuff....

Claudia said...

And the winner is. . .
Flaming Sky!
And in other news, Verizon says they are coming tomorrow.

Cable Puller Bo said...

View from the Tower Builder (ex)

though our customers are not privy
to the vicissitudes of communications
the work can get you dizzy
'specially after a stop for libations

so please wait, and hold stable
we must climb, pull, and fix
we are one with the cable
and you're still on the list