but not in me

Had my tooth pulled.
Got my drivers license.
Had the DSL "fixed"—except for when it goes out every couple hours.
On the bright side, went to a musical improv club (above) and saw Lisa Jolly, who was fab. Have had real warm weather and been able to wear shorts. To the gym. Have already made cranberry sauce. So soon it will be time to play Guess Who's Coming to Dinner!


Special Friend said...

To bad for the woman sitting there by herself. She was the on the waiting list as well as Claudiaand her special friend. We think she was actually ahead of us but we got the last two stand by tickets. I guess this was singles discrimination.

Max's Kansas City said...


when it comes to a duke
flashing singles = no luck
to avoid rebuke
palm in a double sawbuck

(table minimum)

Lenny said...

Max's (unrelated fact):

When Mickey Ruskin, owner of Max's Kansas City, was interviewing bouncers the first interview went something like this:

Mickey: Tell me about the fistfights you been in.
Future Max's Bouncer: I never been in a fistfight--I hate fistfights.
Mickey: You're hired, Pal.

Please forgive me for telling this story one more time. It's a beautiful, old tale. Truth ages well.